The State of Arizona has cut education funding.  This greatly and directly impacts the financial viability of our school and others throughout FH and the state. Additionally, state funding has always remained below the baseline needs of our school and fortunately generous parents and community members have underwritten this deficit. Adding to the decreased funding is that the total number of students is down from past years here and at all FH schools. Therefore, it is essential that we begin the development of a "Sustaining Fund" that would meet specific and ongoing needs of our school. This fund would be coordinated with the administration but controlled by the PTO.

Reasons for a Sustaining Fund

(All contributions to the Sustaining Fund are tax deductible, but increased fees are not.)

“Sustaining Fund” Policies & Procedures

  1. Sources of revenue for the “Sustaining Fund” (SF) will include the yearly Gala and all other fundraisers organized and operated by the PTO. Additional contributions from donors or parents can also be placed directly in the fund.
  2. Funds raised throughout the year will enter the SF account and be moved into separately tagged “sub-accounts” and allocated at the percentage set by the PTO:
  3. School Administration has the discretion of using 100% of the funds from each “sub-account” for items applicable to that category only.
  4. Dual approval is needed for purchases (PTO Treasurer & School Principal).
  5. Checks can be written by the PTO Treasurer or School Principal to purchase the items.
  6. Each “sub-account” can maintain a balance if Administration requests and PTO approves the future purchase of a high cost item or items. Money may not be transferred from one “sub-account” to another without the written approval of the PTO Board.
  7. Spending from the SF account will be reported on each month at the PTO meetings.
  8. Any funds remaining at the end of the school year will stay in the respective “sub-account”.
  9. At the end of each school year, PTO “seed” money of 10,000 dollars will deposited/transferred in the PTO checking account to be used for expenses relating to fund-raising for the upcoming year. Whenever possible, funds may be transferred to the “seed” account during the school year. Both accounts will be reconciled at year-end.
  10. End of year review will take place within 3 weeks of the last day of school. At this time, the incoming PTO Board will meet with the Principal to discuss the percentage allocation within each “sub-category”. Upon approval by the PTO Board, percentages may be adjusted.
  11. During year one, flexibility will be used to adjust the percentage in each “sub-account”. Upon request, the PTO Board and Administration will meet to discuss the viability of the percentage allocation and make adjustments if needed.