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One Call Now

To provide prompt notification of emergencies and events, the Fountain Hills Charter School has subscribed to a service called One Call Now to send out voice and email notices. Voice and email notices by default are sent to the child’s main home telephone number and to the father’s and/or mother’s cell phone numbers and email addresses. The telephone numbers and up to three email addresses will be stored in our student information system based on what you have submitted to us. Please help us keep that information up to date by contacting your school with any updates. You can also go to our website at and scroll down to the very bottom to the “One Call Now” button to make updates.

Text messaging is also an option after your cell phone is in our system. Text the word “Alert” to 22300.

Please listen carefully to these messages. If you see the school telephone number and missed the message you may retrieve your message by following these steps:

  1. Dial 877-698-3261 from any touch-tone telephone.
  2. At the greeting press 1, and then enter your phone number that One Call Now normally calls.
  3. If your message requires that you enter a touch-tone reply, press the appropriate key for your answer.
One Call Now - Replace your manual call tree with our automated call tree service