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 Dear Parents and Friends,

We welcomed in 2019 with anticipation and eagerness to reach our goal for each student. 

Kindergarten students are working in Letterbooks geared to each letter of the alphabet, its sound, correct formation and its position in a given word.  We are learning what syllables are, clapping a word to determine how many syllables in each and knowing each must have at least one vowel.  A and I are words that stand alone.
Rhyming words are used for reinforcement of each sound and a list of new words from each Letterbook is added increasing vocabularly.  We are learning what characters are in a given story as well as setting, comprehension, main thought, author and illustrator of each. 

Math is on going-  learning patterning, more than, less than, grouping, separating, shape recognition, using geoboards, spatial relationships , addition, subtraction, using a hundred chart, number formation and names are included in our daily class.

First graders are working hard on learning vowel combinations, which are many, blends of two consonants, vowels with "r" and many Dolch words which will help students decode new words.  Much time is spent on oral reading, speed, inflection of voice, pausing for commas, and periods.
Sentence structure is important for creativity and we are learning the five parts of a sentence.

Math for first graders is the building block for understanding at the next level.  Addition and subtraction  facts, problem solving -creating a plan of action for solution, money, measurement, tally marks, fractions, ordinal numbers and how we use math in everyday occurrences.

We adhere to the Four B's.....Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Kind and Caring toward others.  

Fountain Hills Charter School is having Open House in February, March and April 2019 for those interested in finding an alternative for your child's public education.

We look forward to meeting you!

Ms. Britta
Ms. Nae