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Important Dates:

8-4 and 8-7 Parent conferences (PEPs)

8-8 – First Day of School!

Language Arts:

We will be reviewing the basics in grammar, there will be daily exercise that will need to be completed and turned in for a grade. These items are worth 20 points a day and add up quickly! These will be done in class – this is not a homework issue, if it is not done and completed in class there will be no score given for that day. (Absences do not count towards or against the grade)



6th – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

7/8th – Iliad


We will be working on outlines, paragraphs and essays. Essays will be based off of writing prompts: at the beginning of the week the students will be given a writing prompt, (any genre) they will begin with an outline, topic sentence, move into a rough draft, then have it revised by a peer or the teacher; students will then be required to type it and turn it in via email or flash drive by the given due date, usually the Friday of the week it was assigned unless it is a larger writing project. Larger writing projects will be given a specific rubric with a specific due date. Late assignments will not be accepted.


6TH -8th Introduction to Saxon math.



6/7/8th – Introduction to scientific method.


Social Studies:  

We will be working on mythology and Greece. Students will be given a project to complete. A rubric with expectations, points, and requirements for the project will be given to the students upon delivery of assignment.

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