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October 25, 2015

Hello Parents and Students,

This is my first newsletter at this wonderful school in the hills!  I want to keep you apprised of my curriculum and activities in the classroom, so here goes:

First, we are beginning  our first major writing assignment this week  Our class is writing about a recent trip or excursion they took using sequence words to organize their text. Many of my students have selected Disneyland, Castles and Coasters, or San Diego as their experience. We are starting to pre-write this week, or get our ideas on paper before finalizing this project. I am sending home a copy of a writing model and directions to each parent for this project. The assignment will be completed in class, but students may work on the paper at home if they wish.

Second, in reading, we are listening to the audio of A Bad Beginning. This is an International best seller and is packed full of figurative language. Students are learning to take notes and respond orally and on paper to higher level comprehension questions. My current teacher read-aloud is Louis Braille by Margaret Davidson. The book is a biography, and teaches how determination and persistence can pay off in life.  In addition, a reader’s theater script called The Homework Lesson will be practiced and performed for another class.

Third, in math, our current focus is place value, skip counting, fact families, and developing automaticity with basic addition and subtraction problems. We have used Montessori techniques to practice learning our odd and even numbers and skip counting. In addition, we work on daily word problems that require critical thinking and perseverance.

Next, the social studies curriculum is Arizona Studies Online. It’s an independent program that requires reading independently, but has an audible component and moving curser to assist students while reading. Students take online assessments after each chapter and read downloadable leveled readers that are selected by the teacher.  Please look for some of these leveled readers in your child’s planner soon!

Our current science lesson is on habitats of desert animals. We just had an opportunity to see and learn about the habitats of a real snake, owl, falcon, and hawk as presented by Liberty Wildlife at school last Friday. We’ll continue learning about specific animals that make their homes in the Sonoran desert by using the website

Last, in grammar, we are working on the nine parts of speech : They are articles, adjectives,  nouns, pronouns,  verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and Interjections. We practice and master these elements through games, play, and by using a curriculum called Multisensory Grammar.

Please look for another update here soon.


Mr. Southall