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Dear Students and Families,

I am so excited to be your teacher. I love teaching and especially enjoy second and third graders.

I have been married to Greg Smith, who taught at FHCS last year for the fourth quarter, for nearly 40 years. I have four grandchildren – one preschooler, two first graders and one fourth grader. We have a blast together. Both our daughters are also teachers. Moving to Fountain Hills last summer from Olympia, Washington was one of our best decisions because we love the warm weather, the daily sunshine and the beautiful blue sky. Mostly we love the friendly people and the lovely town. We plan to stay here year-round for decades to come.

Learning is what my class will be about. The focus will primarily be on the basics of reading, writing and math. But we will also learn some American history, geography and science. Books open the world to children so we will learn how to read well. Writing is how we express our own ideas, feelings, imagination and beliefs so we will learn to write in a way that effectively communicates to others. Math is required to shop, eat, have a home and buy toys. History gives us a sense of continuity of life. Geography is needed every day to get from one place to another. And science tells us how the world works. We will establish the foundation for all these important subjects this year.

I believe in giving individual attention to each student as they are learning something new or difficult. My goal is for them to actually learn the material by giving them as many detailed steps as they need to really own each new concept. At this grade level, everything they learn is a stepping stone for the rest of their education and life so it is very important for them to master each item. If they understand their math or their phonics, they will stay engaged and find it much more interesting, which then makes school enjoyable and desirable for them. I hope they look forward to coming each and every day.

We will all have jobs in the classroom so they know they are part of something greater than themselves, rules to follow so that each person knows they are valued and respected and a consistent schedule so they know what to expect. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you, helping you parents fulfill your goals for your child and you children to mature in ways you personally desire.

Your Teacher,

Mrs. (Madelaine) Smith