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March Newsletter

Dear Parents,

March will be packed with new activities and facts.

We will be studying Africa. Children will be introduced to the names of countries, their flags and the three major biomes: desert, grasslands, and mountains. They will learn about the animals which live in each of these biomes and how they to adapt to survive in these places. As always, we invite families to share any pictures, stories, music or recipes related to Africa.

In Zoology we will be learning about the parts of a turtle and other reptiles.

The weather appears to be getting warmer, but be prepared for colder mornings. The children may or may not need sweaters to keep them warm in the morning. Please dress your child in layers.

Also, I recommended that children wear gym shoes. They have trouble climbing on the playground equipment while wearing sandals.

Please remember that flip-flops are not allowed due to safety concerns.


Special Dates:

March 22nd PTO Meeting 4:00pm                                                                                     

Thank you for being supportive!!!